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'The Years Are Short' Charm

$ 39.00

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As a young mom, it may have been possible that I rolled my eyes (to myself) just the teeny-tiniest bit when an older mother would tell me to enjoy my exhausting, but darling, busy little children...that they will grow so fast. Every day seemed so long, and often, it felt like I didn't accomplish a single thing, but instead, was living a joke that seemed to be on me... "Groundhog Day".

Many years later, I want to gently shake and hug that younger mother, not just to help her out of her sleep-lacking state, but to help her understand that truly, the time we have with our children is really just a blink. To sacrifice the unimportant things that suck time away from the important, during the short time of life that rewards selflessness. To remind her to care for herself better, so that she can love them better. To be present every day. To impress upon her that those early years do indeed have great affect on growing minds, bodies and hearts..."the days are long, but the years are short". -Gretchen Rubin

- sterling silver
- 3/4"
- complete your keepsake with a necklace, cord, or bracelet, sold here.

Our charms begin with thick sterling silver, are stamped one at a time in our studio, then hand finished with our signature process.  All charms shipped from Littlefield Lane will arrive in our beautiful, one-of-a-kind packaging, ready to thrill you and the lucky recipient.