Find something meaningful for those who mean the most

Our Story

Littefield Lane began as a hobby business ... something on which to put these busy hands and creative mind to work. By always using the best materials, reinvesting profits, and being dedicated to quality and style, we have grown into a beautiful, fulfilling business.

Besides working with our amazing team and sweet customers, my favorite part about our company is being able to create unique pieces of nostalgic, sentimental art. All of our original designs are hand drawn or designed in house, and the ideas for them spring from my daily life ... singing and reading to my kids, hearing the funny things they say, getting a spiritual boost from church, becoming strong through trials and watching loved ones do the same, talking with inspirational friends ... it's the good, and the silly, and watching people rise above the rough. Although we offer it also, we are more than just a mother's jewelry company. We create pieces for you, your children, your friends, your grandmothers, your babies, your teenagers, your teachers, and anyone else you love, going through any stage of life, any thrill or heartache. 

And it all started right here ... right on this little kitchen counter of our family home, here on Littlefield Lane.