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Evergreen Necklace - Charity For Primary Children's

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Fine Link Necklace
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The evergreen is seen as a powerful symbol because of its ability to stay green through the dark half of the year. The symbolic meanings represent life-loving qualities such as strength, invincibility, and determination, hope in adversity and eternal life, the ability to have faith in a fact-finding world, and the capacity to love in the coldest of times. Aren't those incredible?

Every year in Utah, the Festival of Trees occurs, bringing together thousands of volunteers for the purpose of raising funds for Primary Children's Hospital, in a magical, beautiful way. Hundreds of people donate and decorate trees in honor of loved ones who have passed, and often, who were in the care of the medical professionals at Primary Children's. In the summer of 2017, my youngest sister and her husband were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Isaac, who lived at Primary Children's and in their home for a few short weeks. We honored the blessing of Isaac's life with this tree themed "Sleep in Heavenly Peace." (read more about sweet Isaac by scrolling a few rows down on our Instagram page, and also visit his 2018 tree themed "Baby Mine" with Dumbo and his mama.) 

Last year, in effort to join the #LightTheWorld campaign, Littlefield Lane donated 100% of the proceeds of our evergreen necklaces to Festival of Trees/Primary Children's. We have continued to donate 25% in 2018. This year, we will again be donating 100% of proceeds from November 27th, 'Giving Tuesday', through December 1st, a Worldwide Day of Service, which are also the dates that the Festival of Trees runs this year. 

Below is a short video encouraging us to focus on "lighting the world" by serving others, contributing to charity work, and becoming better people. Let's light the world, all year long. 

- sterling silver, 14k gold filled, or 14k rose gold filled 
- 3/8"  
- 2 styles - evergreen branches or evergreen outline

Our charms begin with thick precious metals, are stamped one at a time in our studio, then hand finished with our signature process.  All charms shipped from Littlefield Lane will arrive in our beautiful, one-of-a-kind packaging, ready to thrill you and the lucky recipient.